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Super light(Weight per Cabinet)

Super Thin (thickness 33mm)

Front/Rear access,easy installation

Stylish and simple appearance and ultra-thin

Multiple cabinetsize

High resolution ,hight brightness and high contrast ratio

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W3 HD LED Screen ♦ Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled audio-visual quality with the W3, specifically crafted for flawless presentations in the boardroom and impactful broadcasts. This cutting-edge device ensures crystal-clear visuals on a high-definition (HD) LED screen, providing an immersive experience that captivates audiences. ♦ Invest in the W3 for a top-tier audio-visual solution where precision meets perfection. Elevate your conferencing and broadcasting experience with a product that not only exceeds industry standards but also showcases its superiority on an HD LED screen. ♦ Explore the future of conferencing and broadcasting with the W3 – your gateway to unmatched quality and performance. Incorporate the W3 into your setup and witness the difference on a stunning HD LED screen. Stay ahead in the industry with a product that combines innovation, precision, and visual brilliance. Get Quote High Definition LED display Multiple sizes We offer a diverse range of HD LED screens in various sizes to seamlessly meet the specific needs of customers across different scenarios, such as shop advertisements, indoor concerts, and wedding scenes. Our HD LED screens are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for customization of sizes and shapes to fit different spaces and occasions.Whether it's elevating brand images through vibrant and attention-grabbing shop advertisements or creating a visually stunning experience for indoor concerts and wedding venues, our HD LED screens deliver exceptional performance. They feature advanced technology to ensure high definition, excellent brightness, and vivid color reproduction. Get Quote High Resolution LED Panel Ultra & Light The W3 stands out with its all-aluminum profile design, making the entire box lighter at just 5.8 kilograms and a slim 33mm thickness. This sleek product, aptly named W3, not only carefully manages its weight but also boasts a modern exterior. The all-aluminum construction enhances durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring easy portability and mobility. Get Quote HD LED Video Wall Good Compatibility W3, featuring HD LED screen technology, can quickly implement modular replacement of pixel pitch from P1.56 to P3.91, providing flexibility and a high degree of customization for your display. This product allows you to upgrade your images to higher quality at a lower cost, giving your audience a more vivid, clear visual experience on the HD LED screen. Whether you need high-definition P1.56 or the more affordable P3.91, our products can meet your various display needs with the latest in HD LED screen technology. Get Quote High Refresh Rate And High Grayscal Our HD LED screen for indoor use boasts a high refresh rate and superior grayscale, delivering an optimal visual experience. The high refresh rate ensures exceptional picture smoothness, allowing for clear and vibrant images even in fast-changing scenes. Simultaneously, the advanced grayscale performance enables the display screen to render more nuanced color transitions, presenting more realistic and refined details in the images. Get Quote HD LED Display Screen ♦ Power supply ♦Receive card ♦ Anti-collision concave platform   HD LED Display Screen Quick Installation To better meet user needs, we have deliberately chosen an all-aluminum alloy casing with efficient heat dissipation, complemented by an HD LED screen. This design not only allows the product to efficiently dissipate heat during high-load operation but also enhances the overall structural robustness, providing a longer lifespan. The inclusion of an HD LED screen further contributes to the product's appeal, offering users a visually immersive experience in various scenarios and providing more flexible choices. Get Quote Installation Method Hanging Wall Mount Multi-Screen Setup Get Quote Product Parameter     P1.5625 P1.95 P2.5 P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 LED Type SMD121(GOB) SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2020 Pixeldensity(dots/m2) 409600 262144  16000   147456  112896  65536 Module Resolution  160X160  128X128  100X100 96X96 84X84  64X64 Module Size(mm) 250X250 250X250 250X250  250X250  250X250  250X250 Cabinet Size(mm) 1000X250X33 1000X250X33 1000X250X33  1000X250X33  1000X250X33  1000X250X33 Cabinet Resolution  640X160/480X160 640X160/480X160 640X160/480X160  640X160/480X160  640X160/480X160  640X160/480X160  ModuleQTY/Cabinet(WxH) 4X1/3X1/2X1 4X1/3X1/2X1 4X1/3X1/2X1  4X1/3X1/2X1  4X1/3X1/2X1  4X1/3X1/2X1 Maintenance Mode  Front  maintenance Front maintenance Front maintenance  Front maintenance   Front maintenance  Front maintenance Cabinet material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum  Aluminum  Aluminum  Aluminum Brightness(Nits) 600 800 800  800  800  1000 Color temperature(K) 3200-9300 adjustable 3200-9300 adjustable 3200-9300 adjustable 3200-9300 adjustable   3200-9300 adjustable  3200-9300 adjustable Luminance/Color Uniformity 160°/160° 160°/160°  160°/160° 160°/160°  160°/160°  160°/160° Contrast 10000 : 1 10000 : 1  10000 : 1   10000 : 1 10000 : 1  10000 : 1  frame change frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60  50/60  50/60  50/60 Drive mode Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep  Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep   Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep  Constant current drive, 1/40 sweep Gray level (bit) 14/16 optional 14/16 optional 14/16 optional  14/16 optional  14/16 optional  14/16 optional Refresh rate (Hz) 3840 3840 3840  3840  3840  3840 Maximum power consumption (W/㎡) 650 650  650  650  650  650 Average power consumption (W/㎡)  100-200  100-200  100-200  100-200  100-200  100-200 Protection level  IP31  IP31  IP31  IP31  IP31  IP31 Power supply requirements       AC90-264V,47-63Hz Working temperature/humidity range (℃/RH)       -20~60℃/10%~85% Storage temperature/humidity range (℃/RH)       -20~60℃/10%~85% Applicable standards       CCC/CE/RoHS/FCC/CB/TUV/IEC   Application HD LED screens boast widespread applications due to their exceptional clarity and high refresh rates. Whether enhancing home entertainment setups, delivering impactful corporate presentations, or grabbing attention with vivid displays in digital signage, these screens excel. The High-Resolution LED Panel is perfect for usage in exhibition centers, showcasing ultra HD visuals and delivering clear presentations, enhanced by its finely tuned lighting. Enhance your shopping experience by incorporating HD LED Screen within a mall.These HD LED displays can advertise, guide shoppers, and showcase enticing promotions,adding an extra layer of excitement to your shopping journey. In spaces where individuals gather, sit, and wait, such as hotel halls or lobbies, an ideal solution for creating a more appealing ambiance is the incorporation of a High-Resolution LED Panel. High-Resolution LED Panel is perfect forhospitality venues usage with its ultra HDvisuals and clear presentation perfectedby its fine light.

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